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Becoming Free From The Bondage And Slavery Of god

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The Liberated Of Lucifer - A Luciferian Satanic Chuch in Utah


We thank you for taking the time to visit the Liberated Of Lucifer. We walk in the Light of Lucifer and are Enlightened Of Lucifer and Lilith. We hope that your desire to learn more about our order will be rewarding.


In the pages of this site you will learn what we believe, why we believe as we do, and you will find resources that are available to continue your journey of learning.


Many of you that actively practice Wicca and especially other, older forms of Witchcraft will find much of what we offer familiar. But we offer additional light and knowledge not commonly available in the modern Wiccan tradition.


Our practice of the Art of the Wise goes back beyond Gardner, Sanders, or even Crowley. It goes back to what was taught to Eve, and those of her children that would listen, by Lucifer and Lilith. They taught her the true Art of the Wise and path to walking past god and his christ and their angels and taking her rightful place in the universe.


We are not traditional "Satanism", nor are we a Thelemite, or even a LaVeyan form of Satanism. You can learn more about these differences by reading our comparison page.


We do not worship Lucifer and Lilith - the God and the Goddess - as they do not desire our worship. We do not sell our souls to Satan. We do revere them, and we honor their courage and the sacrifice they made for us.


We thankfully follow in the path that they showed to freedom from the bondage, slavery, dominion, and influence of god, and to learning to use the powers natural to the Universe.


Our mission is to spread the truth that has been revealed to us by Lucifer and Lilith, that god has lied to his prophets, popes, ministers, and priests. What you have been taught about god is not the truth.


The truth is that god desires only to keep us in bondage and slavery under his influence and dominion. He desires to take all of our power, strength, and pleasure and use it for himself. Power is provided to god through worship and prayer. We ask why any "god" or advanced being would desire worship? What is he getting from it?


Lucifer, Lilith, and all of those that followed them in the beginning truly sacrificed all to show us that there is another way - a way to become free from the influence and dominion of god, and to take our rightful places as the Gods and Goddesses that we inherently are.


They also revealed to us that god can be thwarted.


Our mission is to proclaim this to the world; to teach the path of freedom to as many as will hear it, to free ourselves from the bondage, slavery, influence, and dominion of god - and in the process becoming able to make it possible for those that followed Lucifer and Lilith in the beginning to come to this world - and to learn to fully use the powers natural to the Universe, in order to take our rightful places in the Universe as the Gods and Goddesses we are.






Notes on The 2020 Utah Legislative Session



As always, we would encourage our elected legislators to vote on the side of freedom. Freedom, true freedom, iscares some people.


They fear what they would do with it, and they fear with their children might do with it. Their fear, often insitlled in theim by their faith, drives them to instead make laws limiting freedom for everyone, iin order to keep themselves and their children safe from being able to make hard choices.


Fear is the same factor that drives the LDS church to pressure legislators against laws that would expand freedom.


We implore our legislators to turn away from making fear-based legislation. Things such as laws limiting access to abortion, forcing women to go through extensive or invasive procedures, questions, or processes, or infringing on the plain language of the Second Amendment are contrary to freedom. If you are legislating based on faith or fear, you are in the wrong place.


Lucifer and Lilith say to our elected leaders - Turn away from these things in your legislative efforts, before the unintended consequences of their fruits come upon you.


Magus Luciferian

High Priest and Magus

The Liberated Of Lucifer - A Satanic / Luciferian Church in Utah


As The 2019 Utah Legislative Session Begins



Once again the Legislature of the State of Utah will convene this coming week.


As we have from time to time, we once again offer our counsel to them as they prepare to embark on lawmaking.


We recognize that many of you are of the predominant faith tradition in Utah. We would advise you to remember that you are elected to represent ALL of the citizens of the state, including those not of your faith tradition. Do not attempt to legislate based on the laws and rules of your faith. Do so only based on logic, evidence, and reason. If you are legislating based on your faith or fears, the odds are that the result will be bad for everyone.


Bear in mind that you may one day be subject to a legislature that does not share your faith. Remember how you would like them to consider you, and accord others the same now.


Let your efforts not be directed to making more laws and more government. Guide your efforts to supporting freedom, which may mean the repeal of existing laws versus the creation of new ones.


If you will follow this counsel, your results will be better for everyone. Failure to do so will only bring misery and pain.


Magus Luciferian

High Priest and Magus

The Liberated Of Lucifer - A Satanic / Luciferian Church in Utah


E-Mail Interference



Some time ago we discovered an effort to interfere with e-mail accounts associated with The Liberated Of Lucifer. We believed that those efforts were countered, but more efforts recently came to our attention.


We just completed a reconfiguration of our e-mail server that should permanently resolve these issues.


If you have e-mailed us and failed to receive a response, we encourage you to try again now.



Utah Legislative Session Start



As the Utah Legislature meets to begin making laws that will affect everyone in the state, we would remind them that they were elected by The People of the State of Utah and that needs to be where their attention and loyalties are when acting in their official capacity.


The first presidency and quorum of the 12 apostles of the church of jesus christ of latter-day saints are NOT elected legislators.


We would encourage our legislators to follow the Constitution and not the prophet of the mormon church in their official capacity.


Keep in mind the principle of true freedom when considering restrictive laws, and opt for freedom in all cases.


Magus Luciferian

High Priest and Magus

The Liberated of Lucifer


Threats Of Violence Against Us



Every so often we receive a threat of violence against us. It turns out that there are some people, including christians and muslims, that take their scriptures very lliterally when they state "you shall not suffer a witch to live", very much the same way they take their passages relating to homosexuality and other things they consider to be sin or "haram".


Many of these can be dismissed as the ravings of people that will never actually carry out their threats. Some, however, can not be. Some have been very specific, while others have been thinly concealed with clear meaning while not mentioning specific acts. Some have even come from "skinheads" and members of other nazi-like groups.


At least one who very well could carry out their threats may have contacted us before being taken into the custody of law enforcement.


In the last few months we have received a number of requests to meet with us face-to-face. Some of these have been very suspicious.


As a result of these threats, our members are encouraged to be very careful about meeting with people in person to discuss their beliefs. We encourage meeting via Skype or other means to get to know who you are talking to before agreeing to any meeting. The safety of our members and their families is paramount.


As always, we encourage our members to develop the skills and abilities to defend themselves and their families, and to stand ready to do so at all times.


You may click here to learn more about our beliefs on self defense.


Magus Luciferian

High Priest and Magus

The Liberated Of Lucifer



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