On Becoming A Womb Of Lilith


The Daughters Of Eve that discover the path of Witchcraft often feel guided to this destiny. It is the highest calling that a Satanic Witch can aspire to. We know that Lucifer and Lilith taught Eve and those of her daughters that would listen the truth about god and his plan of slavery for them. Lucifer and Lilith also taught them how to permanently escape from that horrible destiny, in becoming Wombs Of Lilith, to lead their Coven Families to that freedom.


In the beginning, god cursed Eve and her daughters.



Lucifer and Lilith taught Eve and her daughters how to turn that curse back upon god, and in becoming Wombs Of Lilith, they cause god the greatest of pain and anguish, remove themselves and those with them from the dominion, power, and authority of god, and lessen his power upon the Earth.


Only the Seedbearers of Satan and the Wombs Of Lilith are able to walk past god. his christ, and their angels and negate his judgements, dominion, power, and authority upon them. Only they are able to bring forth into this world the spirits of those that followed Lucifer and Lilith in the beginning and were cast out, in direct violation of the decrees of god.


To this end, we are prapring a website and program for girls and women who want to take up this calling. If you would like to know more, we encourage you to visit The Wombs Of Lilith.

So mote it be.


Magus Luciferian

High Priest and Magus
The Liberated Of Lucifer