Our Statement of Faith

We know that Lucifer and Lilith are literal beings, not just ideas or principles.


We believe in the powers inherent to the universe which have been studied for many years in the Art of the Wise, and which Lucifer and Lilith have given us further light and knowledge to use. 


We practice The Art of the Wise - what some would call "magick" - based on the patterns and whills taught to us by Lucifer and Lilith. We do have a Priesthood and a Priestesshood. There are several degrees of initiates.


We are guided here by a Magus, a High Priest called of Lucifer and Lilith and schooled in their ways.


Each member practices as their conscience dictates.


We do not fear losing power, for it springs from eternal sources. 


We do not fear power, for it is there to use.


We embrace ALL power, strength, and pleasure.


We believe in coven families and in finding the greatest power, strength, and pleasure within them. 


We believe in using our power, strength, and pleasure for ourselves, our coven families, and the larger coven group, and denying power, strength, and pleasure to god. 


We know that god is real.


We also know that he - through his prophets, popes, ministers, and priests - does not tell the entire story.


We know that god has lied to us about his overall plan for us, yet the truth can be seen by those who have eyes to see.


He is not a loving father, but is merely an advanced being feeding on the power, strength and pleasure he takes from those that worship him. 


We know that god uses fear and punishment to keep his subjects in line.


We know that when men enter into covenants with god through his religions, they place themselves into further bondage to him. If lucky under his plan for them, they will spend their eternities singing praises to him and serving him as slaves. 


We know that Lucifer, Lilith, and an entire host of others were cast out because they wanted us to know the truth about god.


They knew the truth, and god expelled them for "rebellion" to try to keep us from following them.


We honor their sacrifice and their integrity.


We know that Lucifer and Lilith appeared to Adam and Eve to try to teach them the truth about their awful state of slavery to God.


Adam did not listen but was blinded by his devotion to god.


Eve did listen, but reminded devoted to Adam. However, she and many of her children did pass on what they learned from Lucifer and Lilith. Much was lost over time, but can be learned again by those with a desire to try.  


We know that Lucifer and Lilith do not desire, need, or want us to worship them.


We know it is possible to cause god pain and suffering, which diminishes the power, strength, and pleasure he takes from others. 


Lucifer and Lilith want us to know the truth so that we can be liberated from the bondage of god and become the true gods and goddesses that we inherently are - subservient to no one. 


Once a person is  free from the bondage and dominion of god, they will walk past god as he judges "his children" and accepts their servitude - and will go on to be Gods and Goddesses in their own right.


At the last day, they will stand equal with god, even greater in that they shall have pure intentions, and he shall have no power or say over them. He shall watch powerless as they move on beyond him, and lose the power, strength, and pleasure that they deny him.


We believe in the principles of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights of the Unites States of America, which allow for personal freedom and individual accountability, the right to defend oneself and ones family, and all other natural freedoms.


We believe in religious freedom and in practicing according to the dictates of our beliefs, and in allowing others do to the same according to theirs so long as they do not harm or infringe upon us.


We encourage our members to be law abiding citizens in all things so as not to enter into slavery as imprisoned persons.


We do not use illegal drugs (smoked, injected, or otherwise ingested) or alcohol in our practice. We recommend that our members avoid illegal drugs, and we discourage our members from abusing alcohol and prescription drugs. They can become their own forms of slavery and bondage. They can also lead to imprisonment.


We encourage our members to be able to defend themselves. The lawful carrying of firearms or other defensive items, and training on how to use them is strongly encouraged.


We encourage our members to be able to take care of themselves. Having emergency supplies and training is strongly encouraged.


As a Church, we do not endorse political candidates, but leave it to our members to do as they see fit in promoting freedom and liberty of all types for all people.


We believe in obeying and sustaining the law, and in encouraging our members to be openly politically active to change the law when needed in the causes of freedom and liberty.  We also believe in the idea of serving on juries and in the powers of juries including jury nullification.


We believe in being honest and true and in doing as we must. 


We believe in doing good in the world to those that need, and our charitable efforts include support of reproductive health education and services.


We also believe that when you try to help someone and they reject your efforts, it is of little use to continue until they come to you ready for help.


We know that the Wiccan rede is not an integral part of the true, eternal magick that is available to those that wish to Learn and practice the true art of the wise. We do not look down on those that adhere to it, but encourage them to look beyond its limitations.  It is an artificial construct of men, not a true law of the universal power we wield.


We do not sell our souls to the devil


We do not sacrifice animals in rituals. 


We do not dress up as demons, goats, or other mythical creatures other than for Halloween. 


We do not practice LaVeyan Satanism - we do not use the Satanic Bible or the Satanic Rituals - although the are some good insights in these.


We are not a Thelemite religion - although there are similarities.


Our lineage traces back to the very beginning - before time itself was counted. We start with Lucifer and Lilith.


We celebrate things like the 4th of July (thankful for a nation of religious and other freedoms), veterans day, memorial day, and the various sacraments of the Art of the Wise. We also celebrate the non-Christian aspects of thanksgiving and other holidays.


We welcome those in the LGBTQ community. We encourage them to be safe - both sexually and personally - and want them to know that we love them as our brothers and sisters. They are welcome in our practices and rituals.


Magus Luciferian

High Priest and Magus

The Liberated Of Lucifer