Our Ministry Staff

I am known as Magus Luciferian. This is a title within our order.


I was an ordained minister in the christian tradition, and I performed a great deal of missionary service both inside and outside of the USA at the beginning of my career. I thought I was doing good by bringing people to god.


I was taught that it would be my destiny to eternally spend my days worshiping at his feet and singing praises to his name. I was happy with that. Most people are.


But over time, I saw so many people suffering at the hands of god, doing his will, and having him hurt them more and more. They was no pleasure or true joy in their lives, they were giving it all to god and talking all of the trials and burdens that he placed upon them.


They saw these as tests of their faith. But I started to see that it was very, very cruel.


You see, it is taught by the various prophets, popes, and priests that god gives us trials so that we can prove our loyalty to him - that we are worthy to be his children. Does that sound like the act of a "loving parent"? Or does it sound more like the actions of a sadistic slave master?


When you really look at it, it seems the latter.


Over time, I was forced to admit that this was part of his plan. He piles on tests and trials to make sure that his children will continue to worship him no matter what he does to them. Of course, he has his ministers blame all of the bad on "Satan", yet he takes credit for the good in everyones lives. He expects them to be eternally grateful for any crumbs he deigns to allow them.


What it really does is feed god more and more of the power, strength, and pleasure of his children, while leaving them in misery - even if they don't realize it.


In the priesthood I had been taught that god had once gone through all of the trials we face and that we was perfected through them. This is a secret teaching even in the catholic church, which is reserved for the knowledge of only consecrated priests.


The masses are only told that it should be their highest aspiration to hope to spend eternity worshiping at the feet of their god, singing endless praises to his name.


When I meditated upon this, I had one simple question, which lead to many others...


          Why would a true god, or even an advanced being, desire or require the worship of his children?


          What is he getting from that?

          What are they to get from it?


          It was a very crushing blow - to discover that everything I had been taught from the time I was a young child, and had dedicated too many years of my life to was a lie! That everything I had done, and had taught, was wrong, and that I had only helped to subjugate people further under the bondage and slavery of god - it was almost more than I could bear.


          But my quest for that learning had taken me to reading many very old works, and interviewing many people learned in passed-down oral traditions. I had started to see a thread in this, and interconnecting all of this was the practice of the Art of the Wise - which many know as Witchcraft (or Wicca to use a more modern term).


          I sought as much training and education as I could get formally, spent countless hours in study, and did a great deal of personal practice over a period of years. During this time I began to learn more about the god and the goddess.


          In this time I renounced my christian ministry and was ordained by the Universal Life Church with training in Wicca. Over time I was ordained as a Master of Wicca.


          But in my time in the Wiccan tradition, I came to see that there was more out there. More power, strength, and pleasure that could be obtained once I expanded my vision beyond the limitations of the rede and the threefold law. It was then I moved back to the more pure Art of the Wise.

          Through my continued efforts to commune with the god and the goddess, I finally did fully commune with them. And they taught me the truth.


          They appeared to me in their true form - as the spirit of a man and the spirit of a woman - two individuals working together - without physical bodies, but appearing as we do in all ways. They taught me of the true history of god, of all of us, and of this world.


          They taught me that god gains power, strength, and pleasure from the worship his children give him. Much like a parasite, he becomes stronger and more powerful and his children fall deeper into his bondage and eternal slavery as they worship him.


          Lucifer and Lilith do not desire to be worshiped. They do not desire to place us in any bondage, contrary to what the ministers, prophets, popes and priests of god teach. They wish us to be to be free and to ascend beyond what god will permit for us, to take our rightful place in the universe as the gods and goddesses we are. We revere them for their courage in fighting god in the beginning to bring us this truth.


          There is a path to this, if we just accept and trust. It is that easy.


          They called me to be a High Priest and Magus, and to do all that I can to further the work that was commenced before the beginning of time counted. They taught me of the true history of this Earth, and of what I had once promised to do.


          They lived up to their word, and taught me how to become free from the bondage and slavery of god. I must now do the same for others.


          Magus Luciferian

          High Priest and Magus

          The Liberated Of Lucifer