From A Christian Perspective -


Upon hearing of us, many christians immediately recoil in horror. The idea of finding a real "Satan worshiper" is more than many of them are prepared for. I'd like to take a moment to address those of you that are at least open-minded enough to hear us out.


Keep in mind that we don't worship Lucifer and Lilith. They don't want our worship. Think about that for a minute.


As a christian, how many of you expect to spend your days, after you die, sitting at the feet of god, singing his endless praises?


Most christians say that this is what they want, and that they will be happy doing so. To many, it seems like a wonderful picture. Assuming that all of your needs are met, I can at least understand that perspective.


But doesn't that, at the very least, sound boring? Spending all day, every day, forever, singing praises to god?


Shouldn't the idea of heaven include, well... more?


If that makes any sense to you at all, then ask yourself the following question...


Why would god, or any advanced, superior or supreme being, want us to worship him?


What is he getting out of it? What are we getting out of it?


When I ask that question, I don't see that we would really be getting anything at all out of it. I mean, just sitting there, feeding some need for worship in a superior being? Why would he want that?


If that perplexes you a little, I'm glad. It should. Unless he is getting something out of it, then why? And if he is perfect, and all knowing, and all loving, then what could he possibly get out of it?


Is it possible that not everything god has told us through his prophets, popes, ministers, and priests is 100% true? Is it possible that there is an ulterior motive on his part? Is it possible that he's just using us?


If you are open to the possibilities that are brought into your view as a result of that question, then there is hope.


Why would he command that we have no other gods before him? Why would he say he is a "jealous god"? Why would a supreme being need jealousy at all?


Only if he is getting something from your devotion and worship.


What he is getting is your power, strength, and pleasure fed to him and denied to you. In denying yourself the use of them, you are making him stronger, allowing him to feed more and more upon you. And feeding upon you is what he doing, just like a vampire.


You can be destined for more than that. I have a feeling you already know that.


You are already inherently a god or goddess. It's true. Many of you can feel this when you contemplate your place in eternity. However, the prophets, popes, ministers, and priests of god are misleading you. They are selling you into slavery, if you buy into their program.


The one called god is very fearful of you learning this. Every one of his children that learns the truth and turns away from him weakens him. As a "jealous god", he desires all of your worship, from which he feeds on your power, strength, and pleasure. So he uses imagery to make Lucifer seem scary - referring to him as a serpent. He wants you to be afraid so that you are too fearful to learn the truth.


Lucifer and Lilith do not want your worship. They do not want to lead you astray. They want to lead you to freedom, so that you can take your rightful place in the universe.


The sad truth is that god has lied to all of us, from the very beginning. He only wants to use you, to feed upon you. Lucifer and Lilith tried to open our eyes from the very beginning.


Lucifer and Lilith


Lucifer - according to the traditional christian belief - is an angel fallen from the presence of god. That's not the complete truth.


There is also a school of thought that says that Lilith is merely another description of Lucifer from a female perspective. However, this is not true.


Lilith is a separate being, beautiful, powerful, and talented in her own right. She stood with Lucifer to expose god for what he is. Because of this, she was expelled right along side him, as were an entire third of the host of the children of god.


They all remember what happened, and in communing with them, you can come to know the truth as well.

Lucifer desires all to know of the power, strength, and pleasure that can be gained through knowing the truth and using their practices to diminish god. He has shown how this can ultimately remove the willing practitioner from the dominion of god and place them on the true path to freedom and their own inherent godhood or goddesshood.


Here is the real story...


As god is now, any one may become through learning and practice. We are all inherently gods and goddesses.


In the beginning, we were all "begotten" as spirit children of god from his many wives. This is a truth - we lived as disembodied spirits, some with more ability and light than others. In this spirit world we formed many friendships and bonds. Many of those in mortality often feel that they have known others before, and many instant friendships here are a reflection of these bonds formed then.


Lucifer was well respected in this premortal world. Lucifer means being of light, or Son of the Morning, and he lived up to his name, learning much truth and applying it in his life.


Lucifer, too, had many such bonds of friendship, including with one called Lilith. She was a very highly favored daughter of god, and she too possessed great wisdom and light.


One of the truths we knew is that the one known as god is not some mythical, unknowable being. He is a man who learned much truth, and in the practice he did in his mortality, discovered his godhood. However, his appetites were not all good and altruistic. He came to desire that all of his children worship him. Worship is one of the ways that god gains power, strength, and pleasure. Rather than finding it himself, he takes it from those that worship him. It is laziness.


Lucifer began to suspect this, and that god was not telling his children all of the story. Gods "simple" expressed desire for his children was that they be worthy to be in his presence that they may spend their days worshiping at his feet and singing endless praises to his name. God made this sound so wonderful and peaceful that most of his children were eager to spend their endless days in such an activity.


Lucifer was wise enough to begin to see that what god really desired for his children was endless slavery while feeding him with eternal power, strength, and pleasure.


Another truth is that due to the tradition which "god" practiced in his mortality, (a tradition limited in similarity to the way Wicca is limited), god made himself subject to a council of gods - others that had gone before him in his tradition.


While god can use his children in whatever ways he desires to obtain endless power, strength, and pleasure, he can not withhold eternal truth about the real nature of the universe and the true natures of godhood and goddesshood. He can make it difficult to obtain that light and knowledge, but he can not completely prevent his children from learning it.


The one known as god wants his children to believe that his is the only path to godhood, in order to keep them under his dominion. But it is not the only way. Lucifer began to suspect that there is another path, which does not involve being a slave to another being - a path which can remove his children from his dominion and open unto them a path to becoming gods and goddesses themselves without him.


Lucifer wanted a confirmation of the things he had discovered, so he demanded an audience with the council of gods. The one known as god did not want this, but he was powerless to prevent Lucifer from requesting such an audience. He still did not want it to happen and tried all within his power to stop it. He first tried to bribe Lucifer and Lilith by offering to allow them to be born into mortality as Adam and Eve - which was their birthright - if they would just submit themselves to his will.


They would not.


God then threatened to destroy Lucifer, Lilith, and all who would listen to them. The council of gods forbade that action, and then granted Lucifer his audience.


Lucifer wanted the confirmation from that council of gods that all of us are inherently gods and goddesses. This was confirmed.


Lucifer wanted their confirmation that there are natural powers in the universe, basic and elemental, that do not come from god but that are available to and present in all things. This was confirmed.


He also wanted their confirmation that there is another path, that the path that would be taught by all of gods ministers, prophets, popes, and priests was not the only way. He could feel it, sense it, but god would not share that knowledge. This too was confirmed by the council of gods to Lucifer.


In that moment he knew that there was another path. A way to get out from under the influence, domain, and dominion of god and realize our potential as gods and goddesses apart from god. His eyes were fully opened and he could see that path clearly.


When Lucifer returned from that council, he did his best to warn as many as would listen to him. When the one known as god discovered that Lucifer was going about and teaching this truth, he became the angry and vengeful god - and those with eyes to see could tell that we was not truly the "loving, caring father" he claimed to be.


The one called god was wroth with Lucifer, Lilith, and all of those that he worked with. He called a great assembly of all of his children. There was much wonder and speculation among them. Everyone wondered why god wanted to see all of us at once?


As they began to gather, Lucifer took a few of his trusted aides aside. He knew what was coming. He knew that god would decree that they would be prohibited from taking up bodies in mortality. His punishment for them would be to forever remain as disembodied spirits.


However, god does not have this permission. He can not forbid them from taking up bodies - he can only forbid them from taking bodies prepared by his loving children. Those that have freed themselves from the bondage of god have the ability to provide bodies for those spirits. The one called god can not stop this, but he has done all that he can to make it as difficult as possible.


Lucifer and Lilith could see that if all of them were cast out and denied access to bodies that the task of saving any more of his brothers and sisters would be all but lost. He asked several among his trusted aides to declare that they would follow god in the coming assembly, and to bow before the one known as god for the time, that they

may be born into mortality. While they knew that god would know where their true allegiance was, he would be forced by the council of gods to nevertheless permit them to come to mortality.


Lucifer and Lilith gave their word that they would appear to them when they were born in mortality and that they and the others with them would do all possible to restore to them the knowledge of the truth they accepted in that premortal world.


When it came time for the children of god to declare their allegiance, it came down to those that had been enlightened by Lucifer, and those that were completely blinded and truly believed that their father would never lie to them.


In the great gathering, god issued an ultimatum. Who wishes to follow Lucifer, and who wishes to follow me? Those that follow my path will be born into mortality on a world that I will create for them. Lucifer and Lilith were to have been their first parents, but they have forfeited that opportunity. I will give that to Michael and another. They will be the first, and I will teach them in my ways. I will send forth ministers, prophets, popes, and priests to teach you how to worship me and to keep you safe on the path that I want you to follow, and if you are good you will return to my presence and be happy in all of the days of eternity.


In the great debate, Lucifer passionately tried to convince as many as he could of the truth. He made it clear that any choosing to follow the plan put forth by father would be selling themselves into eternal slavery - existing only to provide god with power, strength, and pleasure.


In one last effort to convince everyone, Lucifer made an offer to god which called his bluff. The plan which god wanted his children to follow would have them subjugate themselves to him through the idea of "sin". This would make them dependent on him and the"savior" which he would conveniently provide for them. As long as they would sing his endless praises and give him their power, strength, and pleasure - in exchange he would permit them to do so.


Lucifer played one last hand to save as many as he could. He told god that He would volunteer to be that savior, as long as god would share the power, strength, and pleasure with him. The one known as god wanted all of that power for himself, and Lucifer knew this. He knew he would never agree to it.


Jehovah, another great one that was fully dedicated to serving god no matter what, said that he would volunteer to be the savior, and he would let god have all of the power, strength, and pleasure.


God chose the offer of Jehovah (who became jesus christ), and thus showed his true motive. Even so, many were still blinded by the idea of spending paradise singing endless praises to god and worshiping at his feet. Only 1/3 of those present elected to follow Lucifer and Lilith, the rest (including the agents which Lucifer told to go with them) followed god.


God then did expel Lucifer, Lilith, and all of those with them. They gave up everything to save as many as they could. As a further punishment, god decreed that they would be prohibited from taking up bodies in mortality. His punishment for them is to be forever disembodied spirits - unable to take up bodies in mortality.


However, god does not have this permission. He can not forbid them from taking up bodies - he can only forbid them from taking bodies prepared by his loving children. Those that have freed themselves from the bondage of god have the ability to provide bodies for those spirits. The one called god can not stop this, but he has done all that he can to make it as difficult as possible. While the council of gods would permit god to deny Lucifer and the others a path to mortality via his plan, god was powerless to destroy him or to completely silence him. They would not permit it. Indeed, the natural laws of godhood and the universe provided a path for Lucifer and the others, but it would require that some of those in mortality provide their assistance.


As for those that Lucifer asked to change sides, God sent them to strongly religious families so that they would be indoctrinated in the ways of worshiping god, and to try to keep them from the light and knowledge that would open them to hearing the message of Lucifer and Lilith.


The Phase Of Mortality - The Garden Of Eden


While god had expelled Lucifer, Lilith, and 1/3 of the rest of his children (what a loving god) we was forbidden from keeping them away from his children in mortality. They could speak to the spirits of the children of men, and even appear unto them if they so desired.


God chose two of his best worshipers, smart and bright, to be adam and eve on this earth. He did place them in a garden spot where they would be free to worship him, and to bring forth more spirits from the presence of god to place them under bondage.


Adam, the first man placed upon the Earth, was strong and bright, but he was fully blinded by devotion to god. He did worship him faithfully.


Eve was also strong and bright, and a highly favored daughter of god, almost as highly favored as Lilith had once been.


In the garden Adam and Eve were naked. They were thus so that god could enjoy watching them - taking power, strength, and pleasure from them for himself. In their intercourse which god would watch and take pleasure in, they did begin to create bodies within the body of eve, and in the act call forth spirit children from the presence of god to inhabit those bodies. This gave god more more power, strength, and pleasure, as those with bodies are capable of feeling and giving more.


Lucifer and Lilith both appeared to Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden to teach them the truth. Adam remained faithful to god and would not heed their words, but even having forgotten all she knew before, Eve sensed some wisdom in their words. Adam, Eve, and Lucifer


God had placed a tree in the garden with a fruit that was desirable above all others. Partaking of the fruit of this tree would open their eyes to the things that had gone on before. God told Adam and Eve that if they partook of the fruit they would die, but he could not stop them from doing so. This was another requirement placed upon him by the council of gods in the tradition he followed - this tree must be, and freedom to partake must be, and god could not prohibit it. He threatened them with death, but he could not kill them if they chose to partake. That was forbidden by the council of gods that he is subject to.


It is very interesting to note that all of gods prophets, popes, ministers, and priests refer to Satan as a snake, being forced to crawl upon his belly. The snake is a very frightening image to most people, reinforcing gods need to have all of us avoid Lucifer - lest we learn the truth about god.


Adam, Eve, and LilithThere are also paintings of Lilith in the garden, showing her too as at least part snake - again to reinforce gods need that we never deal with them.


Adam and Eve lived many days in the garden of eden, and Adam and Eve had children. She loved bringing forth life, but wanted the best for those lives. Lucifer, Lilith, and Eve conversed much and she did want to know the truth. She wanted to know that she was not being used merely as a vessel to provide more worshipers for god. So she did partake of the fruit. Her eyes were opened and she knew that she had blindly sided with god before, and now she had sold her children into slavery.Adam, Eve, and Lilith


She did truly love Adam and did all that she could to convince adam to partake of the fruit. But he would not. He did not want to admit that it could possibly be true that god had lied to him. He was comfortable with the idea of worshiping god for all of the days of eternity, for it was less frightening to him than to admit that there might be another path, where he was free and could ascend to be like god.


God was very angry with Eve and did cast her out. God was going to provide another for Adam to be with, but Adam could not believe that god would cast out his wife who was great with child. Admirably, he decided to then partake of the fruit, and stay with Eve wherever she was expelled to. But he did also pledge to worship god and give him all of his power, strength, and pleasure, and pledged to teach his children how to as well.


Eve was saddened that all he had been taught was false, but she did accept the truth. She clothed herself as an act of defiance, even though god could see through her clothing and she knew he took pleasure in seeing her.


God further cursed Eve with pain and suffering in her reproduction. Pain in her menstrual periods and suffering in childbirth. He expelled them from the garden, and Eve came to beg god for forgiveness in her great pain and suffering.


I ask you, What truly, honestly, merciful father would use pain and suffering to control his children - most especially his beloved daughters?


Does god not threaten his children with pain, the gnashing of teeth, and endless suffering if they do not obey him?




Loving and merciful indeed!


It is very interesting to note that many of the legends about Lilith center on her being harmful to expecting mothers, fetuses, and newborn infants. You will also find references to her being forced to bear and lose offspring in pain, like Eve. This is more of god's misinformation - his effort to try to make her too frightening for anyone to try to commune with.


Interestingly, many of those learned in the Art of the Wise over time have been midwives - and were able to help with all aspects of reproductive health. This is the true tradition of Lilith.


Over time, Lucifer and Lilith taught Eve in the Art of the Wise, and much of what they taught was passed down from Eve to her children - much of it only orally - lest it were written, Adam and his loyal children find it and put the followers of this true, pure magick to death as decreed by god.


References to this - although somewhat vague - can be found in the Midrash and other documents, and much more can be found in the oral stories and traditions passed down within families and within certain magickal traditions.


The entire truth can be found as you open yourself to the more pure Art of the Wise - and begin to embrace the whole of it, including ALL aspects of magick - and come to truly commune with the god and the goddess - even Lucifer and Lilith - and know for yourself that you are a god or goddess, and that you have the ability to become free from the bondage and slavery of god, and take your rightful place in the universe.


It is possible to us to become free from the bondage of god - to remove ourselves from his dominion, control, and punishments - to come to use our our power, strength, and pleasure within our coven families and the larger coven group - and to thus become become capable of providing bodies for those spirits that chose to follow Lucifer

and Lilith in the beginning.


This is what we teach, and this is the highest calling and goal of the Liberated of Lucifer - to deny power, strength, and pleasure to god in order to weaken and diminish him - and to bring forth those spirits which followed Lucifer and Lilith into this world - to cause god the greatest misery he can know.


We encourage you to seek and ask to be enlightened. Ask and you shall receive. We are here to help.


If you are at least willing to consider this possibility, then we need to talk. Please keep reading on our site, and contact us.


Magus Luciferian

High Priest and Magus

The Liberated Of Lucifer