Practical Resources and Doctrinal Notes

On Coven Families & Marriage/Handfasting

How We Compare To Traditional Satanism

On Abortion

On Adam, Eve, The Garden, and The Tree - Adam, Here is some of the fruit of that tree

On Alcohol, Drugs, and Addiction

On Altars

On Beltane

On Bullying

On Charity

On christmas

On Confidentiality and Confessions

On Death and Burial

"Do I Dedicate My Soul To Satan"

On Demons

On Freedom

On Hell

On Home Schooling

On Imbolc

On islam

On Judas

On Judgment Day

On Jury Duty

On Jury Nullification

On Litha / Midsummer

On Lunasa / Lughnasadh

On Magick - What Is Important To Know

On Masturbation

On Mabon

On Menarche

On Menopause

On Mormons

How To Leave The Mormon Church

On Ostara

On Piercings and Tattoos

On Politics

On Pornography

On Samhain

On Satanism and "The Illuminati"

Becoming A Seedbearer Of Satan

On Self Defense

On The Sigil Of Baphomet and Our Order

On Spermarche

Why The Emphasis On Fertility

Becoming A Warrior Of Lucifer

Becoming A Womb Of Lilith

How To Encrypt E-Mail Messages With ProtonMail

On Vaccines

On Yule