On Mormons and Mormonism -


Among the various christian churches, you find the mormons. It is amusing that many other "christians" don't consider them christian, yet their church is among only a few that actually incorporates the name of jesus christ. Just another example of how few christians truly follow the expressed tenants of their faiths.


Having started in Salt Lake City, we have had much exposure to mormons on a daily basis.


If you evaluate mormon teachings - within the degree of truth that god tells his children, they have much of it right. It's when you get past the lies that god has perpetuated through his prophets, popes, ministers, and priests that you start to see how it is possible to begin to convince them of the terrible fate that awaits them - a fate even worse than awaits the common christians.


Mormons are told about the meeting that god called with all of us before sending Adam and Eve to this world. They are also taught that Lucifer "rebelled", but they are not told the entire truth about what that "rebellion" really was.


Being a patriarchal society, they are told nothing about Lilith, who stood beside Lucifer in defying god to show us the truth about his plans for us. They are only told that "the serpent beguiled eve and that she did partake of the forbidden fruit". They are told that it was her fault. They completely ignore her courage in trusting Lucifer and Lilith, and being willing to open her eyes to what god was doing.


Mormons are indoctrinated from a young age that their highest goals are to enter their "holy" temples and to make covenants - binding promises - with their god, and to get married to someone for "time and for all eternity".


Among the covenants they make in their temples are to obey god without question, to never question their church leaders or speak ill of them (men who have said such things as "Once the prophet has spoken, the thinking is done" and "Some things that are true, are not very useful"), and to give all they have and all they are to building up his "kingdom" (which is the LDS church).


"You and each of you covenant and promise before God, angels, and these witnesses at this altar, that you do accept the Law of Consecration as contained in the Doctrine and Covenants, in that you do consecrate yourselves, your time, talents, and everything with which the Lord has blessed you, or with which he may bless you, to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints" - from the mormon temple ceremony

In these covenants they willingly and knowingly give up their own power, strength, and pleasure to god. The penalty for not living up to these covenants is that they will be "in the power of Satan", which is another lie.


They are actually told the truth in another way, but in a way that keeps them from thinking it through and realizing exactly what they have really promised god.


Their goal is to become kings and queens, priests and priestesses to their god, so that they can continue to have children and populate their own worlds with them in the celestial kingdom of god - to end up being like him. However, he has lied to them. He tells them that he will let them, yet he sets them up for failure in these covenants.


They make these covenants willingly, and they are encouraged and told that they will have his help and spirit with them. But the interesting thing is that no real, detail focus is ever given to them relating to what will happen if they fail to attain perfection in the eyes of their god.


Yet there are clues in their scriptures, and in the temple ceremony itself as to what they truly promise, and what will truly happen to them.


If they don't attain perfection and make it to the highest level of the "celestial kingdom" (where god dwells, and within which are three levels), they will be unable be like god - that they will be unable to have "an increase" (to have children) in eternity, and that their family bonds will be broken.


Think about that for a moment. What does that mean? How would this be done? How could they be prevented from having an increase?


The absolute truth is this - they are covenanting that if they don't become perfect in the eyes of god, that they will willingly submit to being castrated (men) or sterilized (women) and that they will willingly submit to having their families taken from them.


They will be single and alone - living only as barren or eunuch servant angels - slaves eternally - to god. Spending their days singing his endless praises and living only to feed and serve him.


That is the fate that awaits all christians, but mormons are explicitly told this part - and they fall for it, giving up their potential to god and willingly submitting to this.


Does that sound like a "loving father" to you? Or does it sound like a sadistic and cruel little man?


Many mormon women fantasize that even if their husband doesn't turn out to make it, that they may still be worthy. Mormon prophets have perpetuated this idea, that they will be able to find a worthy man in the celestial kingdom. However, their idea of a worthy man is often very lofty indeed. There is even mormon art depicting a bunch of women married to jesus. Their last hope is that they will be taken by him. But they too will fall short, living only as barren slaves to god.


What they do not realize is that god has no intention of keeping his side of the promises. He knows that they won't attain perfection, and he knows that in the end he will have all of their power, strength, and pleasure for himself. He will have his daughters as barren slaves, and his sons as eunuchs in his "courts on high".


There are a lot of mormons that start to realize that they have set themselves upon a path that leads only to misery. Many of them turn to anti-depressants to cope - both with the personal and societal pressures in mormonism. Look up the statistics on the use of anti-depressant drugs in Utah. It's because of the pressure that the church - and other mormons - put upon each other. Utah also has a very high rate of suicides, both adult and teen - and this very sad. When you open your eyes, you can see that many of them face their misery, and see few options to get out. What a way to live!


Many continue in it because they fear the loss of jobs, loss of family, even the loss of everything they have, as they also covenant in their temples that they will give all that they have, all that they are, and all that they will ever have to the kingdom of god on the earth, which they are taught is the church of jesus christ of latter-day saints!


In addition, mormons serve as a very good power source for their god. They spend at least three hours every Sunday in worship and singing his praises. They devote time to "home teaching" and "visiting teaching" during the week. They devote many more hours to their "callings", which can be anything from an accountant for their congregation clear up to leading groups of congregations. They are paid nothing for this, it is all designed to get them to give up their own power, strength, and pleasure and feed it all to god through worship and service to him.


They wear their garments 24 hours a day (forget fun lingerie or nudity in your marriages ladies and gentlemen), and they deny themselves constantly in the vain hope of "eternal exaltation" through their god. They end up in a life of servitude, and don't realize that the end goal they have been taught to hope for will never come.


They have forgotten what really happened in that council before this world was, and they do not realize that god is using them.


In the great gathering, god issued an ultimatum. Who wishes to follow Lucifer, and who wishes to follow me? Those that follow my path will be born into mortality on a world that I will create for them. Lucifer and Lilith were to have been their first parents, but they have forfeited that opportunity. I will give that to Michael and another. They will be the first, and I will teach them in my ways. I will send forth ministers, prophets, popes, and priests to teach you how to worship me and to keep you safe on the path that I want you to follow, and if you are good you will return to my presence and be happy in all of the days of eternity.


In the great debate, Lucifer passionately tried to convince as many as he could of the truth. He made it clear that any choosing to follow the plan put forth by father would be selling themselves into eternal slavery - existing only to provide god with power, strength, and pleasure, and ending up in misery and slavery.


In one last effort to convince everyone, Lucifer made an offer to god which called his bluff. The plan which god wanted his children to follow would have them subjugate themselves to him through the idea of "sin". This would make them dependent on him and the"savior" which he would conveniently provide for them. As long as they would sing his endless praises and give him their power, strength, and pleasure - in exchange he would permit them to do so.


Mormons are told that at this time Lucifer said he would force us all to do the right things. That is a lie. Lucifer never said that - one more of gods half truths. However, Lucifer played one last hand to save as many as he could. He told god that He would volunteer to be that savior, as long as god would share the power, strength, and pleasure with him. The one known as god wanted all of that power for himself, and Lucifer knew this. He knew he would never agree to it.


Jehovah, another great one that was fully dedicated to serving god no matter what, said that he would volunteer to be the savior, and he would let god have all of the power, strength, and pleasure.


Not surprisingly, god chose the "offer" of Jehovah (who became jesus christ), and thus showed his true motive to those with eyes to see. A jealous god indeed!


Even so, 1/3 of those present saw the truth, and rather than being lead into eternal slavery, they elected to follow Lucifer and Lilith and show their contempt for the god of slavery. The rest (including the agents which Lucifer told to go with them) followed god.


Knowing the truth, it is possible to help those involved in Mormonism to see how close they are to the truth - yet how far they are away at the same time.


The covenants they make with god only serve to make their enslavement all the more horrible - as they should know - and can tell - what fate awaits them, if they just read between the lines.


One of the other covenants that they make in their temples is that they will wear garments, or symbolic underwear, at all times and in all places. They look on them as providing protection against evil for them, and as a constant reminder to them of the promises they made to god.


In reality, they are an additional symbol of their complete enslavement to god. Since they are taught to be ashamed of their nakedness and are taught that the beauty of the human form is evil - they wear these at all times to keep from turning themselves or anyone else on.


They serve to keep them completely away from forms of freedom - such as going sky-clad - that might give them a taste of what they could have if they would just free themselves from his bondage. If you have any questions about this, there are plenty of resources that you can find on the Internet.


God did expel Lucifer, Lilith, and all of those with them - and indeed for rebellion. But not for rebellion against a loving, caring father. Rebellion against a celestial leech. They gave up everything to save as many as they could. As a further punishment, god decreed that they would be prohibited from taking up bodies in mortality. They were not evil, they were only trying to free us. Even today they want us to know the truth. They do not desire or demand our worship. They want us to be free, and to live up to the true potential that is in all of us.


This is the truth - and our mission is to bring all to the knowledge that god is a liar, that he only desires to enslave his children - feeding eternally off of the power, strength, and pleasure which they give him through their endless worship, singing praises at his feet.


You are more than that. You are already a god or a goddess. You don't need to go through god, his christ, the LDS priesthood, or a bishop or stake president to attain it. You just need to learn to use that part of yourself - the part which god would have you deny - even as he teases you with the idea of it. Lucifer and Lilith have shown us the path to becoming free from the bondage of god, and to taking our rightful places in the universe.

If you are feeling the sadness and despair that come from living a lie, I understand. I know it is hard. It can be internally devastating to realize that everything you were taught from your youth is a lie. It is even more devastating when you realize that you may have wasted two years or 18 months of your life as a missionary, not bringing people to salvation - but bringing them instead into a path which leads only to eternal slavery, bondage, and barren misery.


Some people would rather retreat from that reality, back into the security they feel in remaining - even if it means continuing to live a lie, and being untrue to themselves and everyone else. You are not better off doing that.


Having been there, I can help you through it. You might be worried about what you would be giving up by leaving the LDS Church. You will end up far better in the long run, and you will never be alone. We are here to help you. Lucifer and Lilith want you to be free, and they are prepared to help - but you have to take the step of being honest with yourself.


If you are ready to leave the LDS Church, you can read our page on how to leave the LDS church.


If this has awakened a spark inside you, please contact us. We need to talk.


If this has not convinced you, please take a look at an article I wrote about Adam, Eve, The Garden, and The Tree.


And if the idea of becoming involved with Luciferians or "Satanists" scares you, please take some time to read our site, including this page and our Reference Resources page.


We aren't what you might think. What you know as the "priesthood" is merely an attempt to use the powers that are natural to the universe. You do not need god or his christ or their priesthood to use them. You can learn to do so yourself, and take the first step into your role in the greater universe.


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