On Baphomet, Symbols, And Spirit


Many "satanic" religions use the Sigil of Baphomet (The "inverted" pentagram with a goats head superimposed upon it) as their sign. Some of them have their own, proprietary versions, while others are open to the use of just about any design.


We too use this, but the reason behind it, and our understanding of it, is a little different than most other Luciferian practitioners.


Just as magick is a practice designed to focus your mind and will, so too can symbols assist you to focus. But they must also be understood in a larger context - especially when dealing with Baphomet - which has not been around all that long. You must see how it all goes together in our faith.


Baphomet is traditionally shown as a goat - traditionally the "goat of mendes" or Banebdjedet in an older form. Sometimes it is even shown as a ram with curved horns. This is interesting to note as I will point out later.


We know that Lucifer does not appear as a goat, but appears as a being like us - only without a body. He is glorious to behold, as is Lilith. So given this, why do we employ the Sigil of Baphomet at all?


Much of the symbolism and action performed in satanic churches is designed to insult the spirit of god and of his holy ghost, to keep them away. The one called god does not want his children to learn the truths taught by Lucifer and Lilith, and as long as his spirit is present he will do all he can to try to keep his children from hearing them and becoming free of his power, dominion, and influence. His spirit can be insulted - or kept away - by certain things.


There is also a good deal of symbolism and ritual meant to offend or shock the average christian - as can be seen in some examples of LaVeyan satanism. Some things truly are done for "shock value", and that shock - when the christian witnesses realize that no one was struck down by lightening - may help to open their eyes to the truth that god is limited in his power against those that know the truth about him.


Since it is generally accepted today that the Sigil of Baphomet is representative of Luciferian religions in general, we accept it in our practices.


Samael And Lilith Sigil

We prefer the Sigil with the names of Lucifer (as Samael) and Lilith. They are the ones we honor - not worship - and whose example we follow.


Let me also deal with the name Samael for a moment.


He appears in many older, hebrew texts, but it is clear that they are a little confused about him. However, when you take into account the totality of what they believe about him in each tradition, it starts to fall into place.


In some texts and traditions he is considered to be Satan - or at least equal to him. It is also said in some text and traditions that it was he who appeared to Eve and tempted her.


In some jewish lore - it is said that Samael took Lilith to be his bride.


We know this to be Lucifer, and Lucifer does not object to this name.


In my meditation and research, I was inspired of a very interesting parallel between the Sigil of Baphomet and the work of Lucifer and Lilith.


Take here the Sigil shown with a ram with curved horns:


Curved Horn Baphomet


And here the internal reproductive organs of the human female:


Internal Female Organs


If you overlay the two, you see the similarity:


Complete Baphomet Overlay


Now let us look at the more pure form

Complete Baphomet 2


Now, let us consider the symbolism of the Satanic Cross.



The symbol of infinity is placed at the bottom. To christians, the kingdom of Satan is considered to be the underworld. In the Satanic Cross this is symbolized as an infinte kingdom.


The symbol also represents the testicles, the source of the seed of life, of the Seedbearers of Satan, which is also infinite.


The central line not only symbolic of the rising kingdom, also evoking ideas of an inverted cross, which is to most christians considered a blasphemy, but it is also symbolic of an erect phallus, which delivers the seed of liife from the testicles.


Then let us put these symbols together.


True Sigil


Or The More Pure Form


Pure Form Sigil


This meshes completely with the efforts of Lucifer, Lilith, and our order - to bring forth the spirits of those that followed their path - and we feel is how the Sigil is is best understood with the true enlightenment provided by Lucifer and Lilith.


Magus Luciferian

High Priest and Magus
The Liberated Of Lucifer