Do I Dedicate My Soul To Satan?


Many that want to become involved in Satanism believe - mistakenly - that they have to "dedicate their soul" to Satan, or that they can somehow earn a great financial reward if they "sell their soul to Satan".


First, you need to understand the following fundamental truths...


Satan does not want your soul.

Satan does not want to buy your soul.

You can't "sell your soul to Satan".

His only desire is to see you set free from the bondage and slavery of god.


That is why He - and so many others - sacrificed their initial opportunity to come to this world. They gave all to show us what god really has planned for us.


If you wish to truly follow Satan (or Lucifer as we know him), you need to internalize those three fundamental truths.


What can you do?


First, you can free yourself from the bondage and slavery of god. You can remove yourself from his dominion, authority, and punishments. You can set yourself outside of his realm, and take up the path that leads to the discovery of your own Godhood or Goddesshood. You are inherently already one - you just need to learn how to make use of that part of yourself, to learn to use the powers natural to the universe. They are out there, waiting for you.


You need to set aside all of that which has held you back - the ideas of sin, guilt, and the need to "repent". These ideas only serve to bring you back to god on your knees - which is where he wants you.


You need to learn the Art of the Wise - what people used to call Witchcraft. There is a reason that both the christian and mohammedan scriptures talk about killing witches. It is because they can access the same power that god uses, and can realistically surpass him. Being a "jealous god", he does not want anyone else using that power, especially since with it, it becomes possible for them to go outside of his dominion.


I am not talking about the "kinder, gentler witchcraft" known as Wicca. While it is a good place to start, the rede is another thing that is meant to hold you back. I am referring to the Art as originally taught to Eve and those of her children that would listen by Lucifer and Lilith. There is no "light" and no "dark". There is only power. If you can find acceptance of that, you are capable of learning all that you need to take your rightful place in the universe.


In our order, when one desires to join, they undergo a ritual where they accept these things. We call upon god, christ, and their angels to witness the declaration. They renounce god, his christ, and their angels. They renounce his dominion, authority, and punishments, and they declare that they are upon the path of freedom from the bondage and slavery of god.


They embark upon a journey in the Priesthood of Lucifer, or the Priestesshood of Lilith. They follow the path they showed, and become able to not only take up their rightful places in the universe, but also become able to thwart the decrees of god against Lucifer, Lilith, and all of those that went with them in the beginning.


If you have the courage to do so, you too can become of the free, one of the brave, a God or Goddess, and another dagger in the hands of Lucifer and Lilith to sever the bonds with which god keeps men and women as his slaves.


So mote it be.


Magus Luciferian

High Priest and Magus
The Liberated Of Lucifer