On Demons A Demon


The traditional "christian" view of demons and of the devil himself is that they appear as some form of tormenting monster, often with great fangs, a forked tongue, a tail, claws, or a pitchfork.


In reality, they do not look at all like that. To be honest, they look like we do. They are our brothers and sisters. Their physical appearances are as varied as those of us in this mortal realm.

Lord Lucifer looks like we do, as does Lady Lilith. They are glorious in appearance, and very kind. Lucifer does not want to put anyone into "hell" or "misery". He rebelled against god to try to save us all from that awful fate. Lilith was right there by his side.

Those that were expelled with them, 1/3 of all of the host of heaven, are what christians call "demons". They look like we do, and they desire to help those that work in the cause of Lucifer and Lilith. They stand ready to assist as concerned siblings. Some believe that it is possible to summon and control them. While they indeed be summoned if required, they are not subject to control. Suggesting that they can be controlled to do someones bidding is insulting. If one is to ask with a true purpose, they will offer assistance.

As for demonic possession, the examples in the bible are generally mentally ill people. Demons do not possess unless very specific things happen AND there is both consent and a very important reason for them to do so. This is VERY rare, and is only temporary.

Our order believes that it is possible. through ritual, to bring them forth into this mortal realm. It can be done but requires a very specific ritual and a couple that is prepared to do so.

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