On Freedom and Liberty


In our order, we revere the true principles of Freedom and Liberty.


We support the Constitution of the United States of America - including the Bill of Rights. We believe in exercising all of our rights at all times and in all places.


Truly embracing freedom and liberty means that you accept that others may elect to do things that you may personally find offensive or repulsive but that do not personally infringe upon or harm you- and supporting their right to do so - knowing that they, in turn, accord you the same liberty.


True freedom means allowing things like unrestricted abortion. The decision that one person or couple makes does not affect you, as you are not involved.


True freedom means permitting marriage between any consenting parties. Their decision does not infringe on your decisions.


True freedom means allowing others to own and carry firearms for the defense of themselves and their families. There are already laws against murder and assault, yet they happen. Allowing people the option to be prepared and ready to defend themselves is part of true freedom.


True freedom means allowing others to practice their religion freely, as long as their practice does not infringe upon you. As long as they don't want to force you to worship as they do, force you to pay their religious tax, force you to follow the commandments of their faith, attempt to legislate their faith restrictions or requirements into law, take your land from you for religious purposes, or kill you if you don't go along with their efforts to do any of these things - or based on their belief that people like you should be killed - then they are not infringing on you.


On the other hand, the worst is when people go from saying "My god says that I can't do that" to saying "My god says that YOU can't do that", and then they inevitably begin to legislate from that perspective. This is wrong in every way. This IS infringing on others.


True freedom means allowing others to make or view images that you may consider "pornographic". They must be able to decide for themselves what is appropriate for them.


Sadly, there are many that actually fear freedom.


They fear what they - or their children - would do with it. They literally do not trust themselves, and since they can't trust themselves with freedom, they can't trust anyone else with it. Some of these then allow their fear to become their motivation in working in the political system to eliminate freedom - taking it away from everyone because of their fear of themselves and their own weaknesses.


Some will say they want to limit freedom "for the children". This is a very dangerous idea that stems from fear, not from strength. It never leads to a good outcome.


Anytime anyone is allowed to take the freedom of others, that freedom can almost always only be regained through pain, bloodshed, and death.


We encourage all to overcome their fear - fear of themselves, fear of their weaknesses, and fear of what they would do with true freedom. Embrace it, knowing that you do not have to partake of all of the options out there, but let them be there for those strong enough to dare.


Beware of what freedoms you would seek to take away from others, lest they decide to take away your cherished freedoms.


It is easy to support the Constitution and the Bill of Rights when you agree with the freedom in question. When it counts, is supporting them when you don't.


True freedom is hard for many to understand and deal with, but it is a core principle to our order.


So mote it be.


Magus Luciferian

High Priest and Magus
The Liberated Of Lucifer