Reproductive Health Outreach Ministry


The core element of our organization is the Coven Family. Within a coven family, children are called into a loving environment, free from the slavery of sin and guilt, where they can learn who and what they are, and fulfill their potential. We encourage our coven families to have a comprehensive reproductive health education plan for their families.

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We believe in full reproductive rights for all - including allowing individuals and families to make whatever reproductive health decisions they need to without official interference or government hindrance.


This extends to all aspects of reproductive health including birth control and family planning, abortion, home birth, midwife and doula access, etc.


Our members may want to consider being active in keeping access to ALL necessary and desired health services available. They may also want to consider volunteering at clinics in their local area if needed, serving as escorts or in other capacities as needed to help assure the freedom and safety of all.

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We also support the work of midwives, doulas, and other reproductive healthcare workers and educators around the world.


This charitable aspect of our ministry is focused on reproductive health and education worldwide. We are working to obtain educational materials, expendable and durable medical supplies, medical equipment, and support for reproductive health workers, educators, and clinics around the world.


We will take donations of materials, supplies, whatever can be provided, and make it available to those in need of these items around the world. Educational materials are especially appreciated.


If you would like to help by donating items and supplies (including printed materials, DVD's/videos, durable and expendable supplies, whatever you can), please contact us at


If you operate a clinic or reproductive educational or service program seeking donations of supplies, please contact us at and we will see if we can help with any donated supplies we have on hand, or if we can otherwise help you obtain what you are looking for.


We do this in the true tradition following the teachings of Lilith.


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