On Judas


Judas, the apostle that "betrayed" jesus, is regarded with great hatred in the christian world. However, being enlightened of Lucifer, we know the truth about Judas.


Before this world was, when it was clear that Lucifer, Lilith, and those that followed them would be cast out by god for revealing the horrible truth about him, Lucifer asked that some of his faithful friends declare their allegiance to god and submit - for the time being - to following his plan so that they could be born into mortality in this world.


Lucifer and Lilith promised that they would seek these individuals out when they were born into this world, and teach them the truth so that would not be forever under the dominion, authority, and bondage of god.


god, however, had many of these born into strong "christian" homes so that they would be less likely to be open to listening to Lucifer and Lilith through the christian indoctrination they would be given. Some of them were also born into situations that would place them at the very beginning of christianity.


One of these was known in mortality as Judas.


Judas was hired by christ as an apostle, to be one of those that would do his best to indoctrinate others into the bondage and slavery of god.


Lucifer and Lilith fulfilled their promise to Judas, and they did come to him to teach him the truth. At first it was hard for him to believe, but they told him that as an apostle hired by christ, he was in a position to discover the truth for himself.


In many "apocryphal" texts of the day, it was written that Judas and jesus had many deep discussions on "hidden" things, or things that were not to be discussed. It is written that the other apostles were not permitted to join in any of these discussions, and that jesus shared hidden, forbidden knowledge with Judas.


In truth, in what jesus did reveal to Judas, Judas found the truth about god - that his plan to enslave man through the idea of "sin" and the need for a "savior" was to provide god with an endless power source. When man gave unto god all of his power, strength, and pleasure (and denying himself the enjoyment and enlightenment of it), he would become an eternal slave, feeding god forever through endless worship and song and servitude as eunuchs and barren servants.


In this Judas learned that indeed Lucifer and Lilith were telling the truth, and he could see how he had been deceived into following the slave trading christ.


Now jesus did try to lure Judas into going along with the plan. He told him that he would share a measure of what he received with Judas. This was a lie, and Judas saw through it.


That is why Judas made arrangements to turn christ over to the authorities, and in doing so demonstrate that it was possible to put off god and his christ, and become free of them - free from the bondage and slavery of god.


Unlike what is taught in the bible and in christian churches all over the world, Judas was a hero. He knew christ, knew the truth, and showed that it is indeed possible to become free, free to take our rightful places as the gods and goddesses that we inherently are.


There is no "sin" and we need no "savior" or god to elevate us. When we slip the bonds of god, we become that which we already are, that we are meant to be.


Judas was a hero, and we shall see him again.

So mote it be.


Magus Luciferian

High Priest and Magus
The Liberated Of Lucifer