On Judgment Day


Most christian denominations believe that at "Judgment Day' they will stand before their god and be judged to determine if they will go to heaven or to hell. For most, they picture themselves standing before god and having their lives shown to them to determine if they were "good" or "evil", and they they will go to whatever reward or punishment they deserve.


What they don't realize is that they will all end up in "hell", but not the one they are taught about in sunday school. There is no hell where Lucifer tortures the evil, or where they suffer in a lake of brimstone and fire. In fact, all christians will end up in the same place.


Their eternal reward will be to spend their days endlessly singing the praises of their god and being an eternal source of power, strength, and pleasure to him after willingly submitting to his judgment. They will be nothing more than eunuch or barren slaves to their "most high god" while he continues, as he has done for all of the rest of their lives, using them for his pleasure and amusement.


Those of our order, however, understand that it is possible through ritual to remove oneself from the dominion, power, and authority of god.


Lucifer and Lilith have shown us that It is possible to become free from his realm and his decrees, and to be able to walk past god, christ, and their angels at judgment day. Instead of bowing the knee and confessing that "jesus is the christ" and willingly placing ourselves in eternal servitude to them, we will walk past them, and their eyes will not be able to look upon us as we take our rightful places as the Gods and Goddesses we are.


So mote it be.


Magus Luciferian

High Priest and Magus
The Liberated Of Lucifer