On Ostara


Now is the time when many in the Art of the Wise celebrate Ostara or the Vernal (Spring) Equinox - equal day and night before the days become longer than night. It next comes on 20-March-2017.


It's a time of fertility, reproduction, regeneration, and awakening in nature. So too can it be for us.


Some prepare for their rituals with a bath of salts, and even fast, to cleanse their systems. Others will put on new robes or other ritual clothes, while others practice sky-clad and put away their robes from the colder months.


Witches traditionally see this as the time of the goddess awakening from her slumber over the winter months. The idea of awakening if we embrace it in all things, can help us to be more aware and more open to power, allowing our practice to be more powerful.


I'd encourage all of you to be be more open to the whole of magickal power, not restricted or limited by the ideas of the rede, of "light" and "dark", "good" and "evil". Awaken to embrace power itself, and use it to mote your will into being.


So mote it be.


Magus Luciferian

High Priest and Magus
The Liberated Of Lucifer