Youth Ministry


The children and young people that grow up within a coven family - ones with parents that follow the path that makes them free from the bondage, slavery, and dominion of god - are indeed lucky. They grow up without the fear of god or sin in their lives, and have a safe place at home, free from the ridicule that many youth encounter when traveling down this path.


We want the rest of you to know that we understand completely what it is like to be made fun of, taunted, ridiculed, and even persecuted because of your beliefs, especially in areas of very strong faith communities.


We started in Salt Lake City - the capitol of the Mormon Church - so we have seen all of the ridicule that LDS youths can muster against others of different faiths, or who dress in the ways that so many involved in the Art of the Wise and Luciferian disciplines tend to feel comfortable in. They are no different than anyone else, even though their own scriptures tell them they should be better.


If you are considering this path, or are already upon it, we are here for you. We offer a safe place where you can come and learn, and explore your own path. We can help you in your solitary practice, and you can participate in our youth coven group, where those of similar beliefs can come and practice, learn, meditate, and develop friendships and bonds that will last for eternity.


It is important that you be open and honest with your parents. If they are trying to force their faith on you and it makes you feel uncomfortable, tell them. Be honest. Let them know how you feel, and that you simply do not chose to be blinded by the god of the faith they hold. This may hurt them, but it is far better to be honest than to live an uncomfortable lie.


Sometimes, your parents may approach and ask you. They may notice that you dress darker than you did before - as many that get into the True Art of the Wise tend to do, as it brings them peace. They may even find an altar or other practice supplies in your room. Be honest about it if they do.


Sometimes parents will forbid youths from practicing the Art of the Wise, embarking on a path that will follow "Satan", or associating with others that do so. They may even tell you you can't have items of the Craft in their home. We recommend that you respect them in that, but you still have some options.


If you feel that you can't tell your parents of your desire to learn witchcraft or follow Lucifer openly, or if they have forbid the outward manifestation of your desires - you still have the option to build your own practice in a notebook, in your mind, or in a virtual environment such as Second Life. We offer a ministry within Second Life, and there we have a place of practice with altars and much more.


Some of you may have already "come out" to your parents or others, and have faced bullying to ridicule about it. We have been there, and know what it is like. Our minister himself faced a great deal of taunting and bullying which he managed to overcome. You can too.

Tempest Smith


This is Tempest Smith.


Tempest was only 12 when she took her own life in early 2001. She was - by all accounts - a powerful practitioner of the Art. The others in her Jr. High School made fun of her clothing style (dark), her mannerisms (she was shy), and her faith (Wicca).


This was a great tragedy, and there is a sore cursing upon all of those that taunted and made life hell for this beautiful, powerful, young woman. They shall yet know hell, and it will not be in any "fiery pit" with Satan, it will be serving forever as slaves at the feet of their god - they will then realize that she was the smart one and that they should have followed her rather than making fun of her.


If you are being tormented in a similar way, know that there are others that have gone before you and have survived and thrived. It does get better.


If you are being made of fun of, taunted, or bullied, because of your faith or practice, please seek out a trusted friend, teacher, or a parent, uncle, aunt, someone - anyone that you can talk to.

Taunted Teen


Some of you may feel like you have no one else. You may not have any friends, any teachers you trust, parents that would understand. If you feel like there is no where you can turn, know that we are here, and that we do understand. Our minister was in your shoes once. You can contact us at


Do not even think for a moment of taking your own life. You have far more value and nobility than you know.


If you have entered upon this path, you have a destiny that you can not even imagine at your age - but that is far above anything those that taunt you will ever achieve. Do not give it up.



So mote it be.


Magus Luciferian

High Priest and Magus
The Liberated Of Lucifer