On Yule


The Winter Solstice - the longest night. It will next be upon us on 21-December-2017. When one may more easily perceive some of the more hidden things without the blinging light in their eyes.


Wiccans traditionally see this as the time of the goddess slumbering, and the god being reborn in his fullness. It is a night of power.


There are many ways to practice on this particular night. As it is the longest night, some satanists see this as the most powerful night of the year, while others reserve that honor for Samhain.


The entire christmas holiday is a hijack of a far older pagan tradition. The christmas tree is a prime example. A yule log may be harvested, decorated, and then burned. The giving of gifts is not unwelcome either.


Mistletoe once represented the seed of the divine, an idea which many in our order recognize.


Conception at this time can be seen as very powerful on this longest night. The energy generated casts a great light into the spirit realm, attracting the strongest of spirits from far afield in that realm.


However you elect to recognize this night, feel the power of this night and embrace the darkness.


So mote it be.


Magus Luciferian

High Priest and Magus
The Liberated Of Lucifer