Why The Emphasis On Fertility?


Our order supports a Reproductive Health Outreach Ministry which is designed to support Reproductive Health and Education efforts around the world. You will also note many fertility symbols in our practice and rituals.


We believe that Coven Families are important. In them are children desired and brought into the world, loved, treasured, and cherished, that they may be taught the truth and raised in freedom to live up to their true, inherent potential.


We also believe that it is possible, through ritual and practice, for us to become able to call forth the spirits of those that originally followed Lucifer and Lilith and were expelled with them in the beginning, in direct violation of the will of god. We know that we can arrive at a point where we bring them into this world through procreation. In this is gods punishment for them thwarted, and the power, dominion, and authority of god are diminshed.


As a result, the ideas of fertility, reproduction, The Great Rite which is also called the Act of Godhood - the creation of life - are very important to us.


We support all Coven Families, of all compositions, being able to bring children into being. This includes Coven Families composed of LGBT members. They should be, and in our order are, are free to work out arrangements that will allow them the joy of parenthood and enjoyment of the creation of life.


So mote it be.


Magus Luciferian

High Priest and Magus
The Liberated Of Lucifer