On Coven Families & Handfasting & Marriage


We believe in Coven Families, formed when persons that care about and respect each other unite for the purposes of creating a family based on a covenant of total love, absolute trust, and complete respect between the involved parties.


We believe in the freedom of any and all consenting parties to join or marry as they so desire. Love just is.


We believe in the freedom of religions to perform or not perform whatever forms of handfastings, unions, joinings, or even marriages they will according to the dictates of their stated faith.


Documented legal ceremonies performed by The Liberated Of Lucifer conform to the civil laws in place where performed, but a Coven Family in our order may consist of any consenting parties of either physical gender with no discrimination on any basis.


We perform a Coven Family Unification ceremony which is in form similar to a Handfasting. According to the desire of the parties involved, this may be viewed as a traditional handfasting, a joining, a union, or a marriage. The involved parties may elect to have it registered with the government as a marriage.


We believe that a Coven Family relationship will continue for eternity if the parties so desire.


Our clergy is trained and authorized to so officiate.


Parties may also state their own vows or ritual according to their desires.


Ceremonies may be performed with any involved persons sky-clad as the parties are comfortable or so desire, but there is no requirement for this. It is important that no one be made to feel uncomfortable.


On Polygamy:


Again, We believe in the freedom of any and all consenting parties to join or marry as they so desire. This may include as many consenting parties to a handfasting, joining, or union as is desired by that Coven Family.


A Coven Family comprised of one man and more than one woman can be pleasing to Lucifer and Lilith, as such Coven Families are a way to bring forth more Soldiers of Satan and for the coven sisters involved to work together and help each other take care of their children. Lucifer and Lilith approve of this. They also caution that any men so doing must take care of all of the members of their Coven Family.



Polygamy is currently illegal in Utah. It is when one man is married to more than one woman. In Utah, the parties must both cohabitate or live together, and purport or claim to be married.


We would recommend that Coven Families comprised of one man and more than one woman consider themselves joined or handfasted, and not use the term marriage, and that they not consider their union or handfasting to be something as simple as a marriage.


Since 2008 Polygamy has not been illegal under federal laws.


Our order will only register marriages that are considered legal under the laws where performed. We believe that whatever form a Coven Familiy chooses to take do is up to them. We believe in freedom.


So mote it be.


Magus Luciferian

High Priest and Magus
The Liberated Of Lucifer