On Masturbation


Masturbation is a healthy, normal thing for humans - both male and female. It is not a shameful act, and it is the first way that most people begin to explore their own sexuality. Knowing oneself is a key to happiness.


Knowing oneself intimately is important to your overall health and well being, and allows you take and share greater power, strength, and pleasure from the sexual act. Being consciously aware of how your own body reacts, what happens to you as an individual during the sexual act, and what "turns you on" are other keys to taking and sharing that power, strength, and pleasure.


Males, for example, discover their Spermarche (when they can first "cum" or ejaculate) during masturbation. If they don't masturbate, they only discover it after having a nocturnal emission or "wet dream", meaning that their Spermarche happened without them knowing. Learning about ejaculation and seeing it happen is very important to being able to fully understand and use the power, strength, and pleasure that come from sex. For example, as a male, are you actively, consciously aware of when you release pre-cum during the sexual act?


Or as a female, are you actively, consciously aware of the contractions in your womb during the sexual act? It contracts when you have an orgasm, and your cervix dips lower into your vagina, to facilitate sperm getting in and helping you get pregnant.


Many people are only aware of the surface feelings of pleasure, when being totally aware of your body brings greater power, strength, and pleasure on multiple levels.


It is usually through masturbation that one discovers these things for the first time.


The many prophets, popes, ministers, and priests of god have long perpetuated the idea that masturbation is a "sin" or that it is wrong, immoral, or evil. This is a lie. That lie is intended to cause you to feel guilt and shame over something that is normal and natural, and bring you on your knees back to them to "repent" and keep you in bondage to them and to god.


They fear you learning about these things, because this is often the first real taste of what freedom from the bondage and slavery of god is like.


Unlike what they teach, the truth is that you will not die, go blind, or be eternally damned for doing it. You should never feel any guilt or shame in masturbating. It is a completely normal thing that helps you experience power, strength, and pleasure - and learn about yourself in the most intimate and complete of ways.


Parents should be very open and honest with their children in teaching them about this aspect of sexuality. Likewise, children should be encouraged to be open and honest with their parents in all things. There is no shame, only a greater understanding of yourself.


Through it you may come to enjoy greater power, strength, and pleasure in your life, and be able to share it with others as you desire.

So mote it be.


Magus Luciferian

High Priest and Magus
The Liberated Of Lucifer