On Spermarche


Just as Menarche - the onset of menstruation - is a major milestone for female witches, so too is Spermarche - the beginning of production of sperm and the ability to ejaculate - for the male witch. Even for GBTQ boys, this is a big deal.


Unlike Menarche, which has very outward signs to a girl, Spermarche is usually only discovered during masturbation. This is one of the reasons that young people need to be taught about their bodies in a completely open, honest way from an early age.


At a certain point, usually between 10 and 15, the testicles in the male begin to produce sperm. When this happens, the boy is capable of fathering a child.


Before boys reach Spermarche, they can still have what is called a dry orgasm or dry climax. They feel an orgasm but no fluid is released from the penis.


When a boy approaching Spermarche masturbates and reaches orgasm, he will ejaculate some clear fluid that is kind of sticky. This is a sign that the parts that work with the testicles to make semen are starting to turn on. Usually within a few weeks to a few months of that first, clear ejaculation, the fluid will turn milky white and will have sperm in it. That is his true Spermarche or Semenarche, when he can create a child with a girl.


If the boy does not masturbate, then his first experience will most likely be a "wet dream", when he ejaculates in his sleep. While wet dreams are normal for boys that don't masturbate regularly, they only happen after Spermarche has already taken place. Without masturbation, they completely miss the event. It's far better to be familiar with your body and actively, consciously aware of what your body is doing. This is why masturbation isn't a bad thing, but is a natural, healthy way to learn about your body.


Boys Spermarche Desire Altar Idea

Some boys that are aware of these things may desire to create an altar - either where Spermarche is desired, or when it is discovered. Such an altar might include fertility elements, or perhaps a white focus candle, white being the color of semen.


Just as menstrual blood can be used for various rituals, semen can also be used for rituals. If a male witch desires to do so, he can use the chalice from his altar to catch his ejaculation - which is very appropriate as it represents the female - or he can use a condom to catch the ejaculation (preferably an unlubricated one such as Trojan ENZ, to avoid contaminating it with lubricant) then pour it into a chalice, over a candle, or however he will use it for his ritual.










Boys Spermarche Desire Altar Idea





A place may be left for a photo of a particular girl or boy, or just an image representing the type of girl or boy that turns him on.

















There is no shame in being aware of your body, nor of being prepared to use the power, strength, and pleasure that come from it. Learning to use that power, strength, and pleasure is a part of true freedom. Becoming able to ejaculate sperm is a major piece of being able to both give and accept true power, strength, and pleasure. Becoming able to father a child is a great responsibility, and a key to the power of godhood.


Following the recommendations of many health educators, we advise boys to keep a Reproductive Health Journal. This should include details on when they begin to reach Spermarche, when they start to grow pubic hair, etc.


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