On Menarche


Menarche - the onset of menstruation - is a major milestone for female witches. It's generally considered to be when she "becomes a woman". It means that they are becoming able to turn from maiden to mother, and it also connects them more fully with the powers of the universe. It is similar to Spermarche in males in terms of significance, but unlike Spermarche, there are very outward signs for the girl at Menarche.


While, sadly, many in the western world look at it as being something "unclean" or that should be spoken of only in private whispers. In many cultures and in most pagan traditions, Menarche is an openly celebrated event. Most wiccans and other witches also celebrate it. One of the ways that it can be celebrated or commemorated in witchcraft is the construction of a special altar to mark the occasion. Incorporating imagery of both the moon and of blood are appropriate. Here are some examples of such altars...


At such special times a pendant / necklace can be wrapped around a special candle and presented to the girl.  The triple goddess necklace is quite appropriate for this particular event, as is the red candle which is scented with Dragons Blood.   Girls Menarche Altar 1








This altar is a more generic/Wiccan style altar.  It has a chalice, cauldron, spiral goddess statue, incense holder (burning Dragons Blood incense), dish of salt (hard to see, behind the presentation candle), dish of water, dish with a candle, and an empty dish (some might use a feather), a bell, a besom, an athame, and two more candles (Black and White).














Girls Menarche Altar 2










This altar is less Wiccan in style - it also has a chalice, cauldron, spiral goddess statue, a statue of Lucifer, incense holder, dish of salt (hard to see, behind the altar box), dish of water, dish with a candle, and an empty dish (some might use a feather), a bell, a besom, an athame, and two more candles (Black and White), an altar box, and a couple of red-wrapped tampons and an appropriate box of pads. 












In open traditions where this event is celebrated, girls often become excited waiting for it to begin. A special altar can be constructed for them as well. Girls Menarche Desire Altar


For an altar where something is wanted but has not happened yet, items relating to that thing can be placed upon the altar, to help the practitioner focus their mind and will on the desired outcome.  Sometimes a pendant / necklace can be wrapped around a special candle relating to the desired thing. 


In this case - desiring her menarche to begin, and understanding that many refer to menstruation as a girls " moon time" - a waxing (beginning or oncoming) moon pendant may be appropriate, with a red candle symbolic of menstrual blood. 

This altar has a base that is more symbolic of fertility as well, and the red spell candle has been placed over the womb of the goddess.  


It has a chalice, spiral goddess statue, an athame, and candles at each position of the pentacle and four more candles at the corners.  In addition, a box of appropriate pads and two red-wrapped tampons are upon the altar to help visualize the outcome. 


Girls Menarche-Desire Altar






Here is another example, with the Triple Moon pendant around a Dragons Blood presentation candle.












Following the recommendation of many health educators, we recommend that all girls keep a Reproductive Health Journal/Menstrual Journal or Period Journal. In this a girl can keep a record of when she has her first period, the first and last days of all of her periods, any interesting details about her flow during her period, and a record of questions she has - or things she has learned and other details - about her reproductive health, such as when her breasts start to grow and when she begins to get pubic hair. This can be especially useful if she ever wants to plan a conscious conception, or has challenges with her fertility later in life. We also recommend that boys keep a similar journal so they know when they reach Spermarche.


Menstrual blood can also be used for various rituals. It's important to be open to the principles of power, strength, and pleasure in your practice of Luciferian (or any other type) of Witchcraft.


When a girl begins to experience menstruation, it can greatly increase her connection to the universe around her. It is something that should be celebrated with no shame associated with it.


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