On Menopause


Eventually, in the life of every female witch, she will experience menopause. This is when the calendar of her life turns from mother to crone. It is when menstruation ceases, as does reproductive fertility. It is also time in which many find new freedoms and embrace new experiences, even adding to the wisdom and insight they have gained over their years.


For some, there is sadness at the loss of the ability to create life with her womb, and this is understandable. However, it is also a time when she may be honored for the wisdom and experience she has found in her life. It is often the crone that is acknowledged as a truly powerful practitioner of the Art of the Wise.


Just as with Menarche, in some cultures menopause is only spoken of in soft whispers if at all. In others, it is celebrated with ritual and joy. We encourage the latter as it is a fact of life and should be openly embraced.


Menopause Altar 1

The construction of a special altar at this time can be useful. This is an example of one such altar.




















Menopause Altar 3


In this case, the altar has many of the traditional items such as a cauldron, bell, dish of salt, dish of water, dish of fire (candle) and an empty dish (where some might include a feather), a besom, an athame, a chalice with the crone face forward, a mortar and pestle, a pentacle which doubles as an incense holder, and a white and a black candle. 

















Menopause Altar 2


There is also a goddess candle holder in the rear center of the altar with the crone face forward, and a purple candle - which is color appropriate on several levels for this event.  In addition, you could add a presentation candle as is shown here.  Again, it is purple, and has a goddess necklace which is symbolic of wisdom wrapped around the candle. 


When you or one you care about enter this season of their life, may and those around you find acceptance, and embrace the power, strength, and pleasure that can come to you and that you can share with others in the ages of wisdom.

So mote it be.


Magus Luciferian

High Priest and Magus
The Liberated Of Lucifer