On Becoming A Warrior Of Lucifer and A SeedBearer Of Satan


There is a war coming. There are forces that desire to impose their religious values upon the world, and it is not only the mohammadans that desire to do so. The christian bible speaks that "you shall not suffer a witch to live" and many of them are eager to follow the word of their god.



It is important that we teach our young men the importance of the responsibility they hold. They need to prepare to financially, emotionally, and spiritually support the Coven Families they will form. They must also learn the skills to be Men, to act as Men and as Warriors of Lucifer, and to defend themselves, their Coven Families, and their freedom and their faith. We are putting into place a program to teaach them what they need to know, and to help them gain the skills and practice required to do so.


When they act as SeedBearers of Satan to their Coven Families, He will strengthen their seed to help them and their chosen partners escape the power, authority, and dominion of god, and allow the Daughters of Eve to become Wombs of Lilith upon the Earth.


One of the highest purposes that a Satanic Witch can fulfill is to become a Womb of Lilith. Through ritual it is possible for her to become able to bring forth children whose spirits come not from the realm of god, but instead from among those who chose exile from heaven with Lucifer and Lilith.


It is possible for males to become SeedBearers Of Satan, acting with his power and authority, to provide the seed of life to the Wombs Of Lilith, and enable them to bring forth those chosen children.


Only the SeedBearers of Satan and the Wombs Of Lilith are able to walk past god. his christ, and their angels and negate his judgements upon them.


SeedBearers Of Satan have a responsibility primarily to their own Coven Families. They may also act as SeedBearers to Coven Families of LBT leanings, as well as single Daughters of Eve, as long as all parties involved agree.


It is most important that in preparing to be SeedBearers of Satan, that our young men learn the skills to BE Men, and to be prepared to act as Warriors of Lucifer in defending themselves, their Coven Families, and their freedom and faith.


To this end, we are preparing a website and program for them. We invite you to visit Warriors of Lucifer which can also be found at Warriors of Satan.

So mote it be.


Magus Luciferian

High Priest and Magus
The Liberated Of Lucifer