On Written Magick

Written Magick is almost universally used in all types of witchcraft. Most witches will keep a spell book, Book of Shadows, Grimoire, or even a simple magickal diary of their own. Many covens or coven groups will have their own Book of Shadows or Spell book. While a grimoire usually refers more to symbology and the combination and use of symbols, you are free to refer to your own spell book as whatever you desire.


Some witches opt to keep a magickal diary encompassing both their day-to-day impressions and experiences as well as spells and rituals of their own design, and ones they have copied from others. Many witches will start out this way, copying rituals others have done, and then making their own changes to them to suit their needs, desires, and abilities. They may also copy rituals from their coven or coven group if the coven or coven group permits this. Some do, some don't.


Remember that the whole of magickal ritual serves only to focus your mind and will (or the minds and wills of the participants) upon the desired goal, that this individual or collective will may be wrought into being. Some witches find that they can perform rituals and spells mentally and that this is sufficient for them, others need to write it out, while most will create or employ some form of ritual around the working, in order to bring absolute focus and clarity.


You need to find what works for you.


Some witches find they need to practice in secret. This is often the case with younger witches living in christian households, or where roommates or others may have issues with visible signs of witchcraft or Satanism. For these, written magick can be especially useful.


You can start with something as simple as a notebook to create a Magickal Journal or Diary. It should be DEDICATED to your magickal workings and notes, not used for other purposes. It is often useful to have a ritual candle as well, that is lit when reading or writing in your Magickal Journal.


In this journal, record your reasons for practicing witchcraft, reasons for practicing Satanism (if you do), and any goals you have in your Magickal workings. Keep a record of impressions you receive, keep copies of spells and rituals, and design and write your own. Find those things that help you best bring your will into focus. When you are pondering a magickal working, carry it through from the beginning - where you are now, or how you got to where you are now - to the finish. Think long-term on this, how will this working be after it is mote into being?


This is also a great place to record things like moon cycles, things you have learned in reading about witchcraft or Satanism, and activities you perform or participate in on the various Sabbats.


Both male and female witches can also use it to record things relating to their reproductive health such as Menarche or Spermarche, menstrual cycle notes, or other things they wish to remember and milestones they reach.


If you wish to be more formal about it, there are some very fancy journal covers you can use to create a formal Book of Shadows. Doing so is up to you.


You can even keep this in something like a Word document on a computer on a flash drive for safe keeping if you fear having it discovered.


When you are ready and have had a chance to look at your goals, you can decide what magickal workings you might be able to perform that will you bring them into being. You may find that writing out spells works for you. You may need some help to get started. You can search online to see what others have done to give you ideas, or you can consult with others in your coven or coven group.


One type of simple ritual is a binding ritual. This can serve to protect your or someone you care about from another. They do not have to be anything fancy, although you can certainly get as fancy as you want. The text of a binding spell can be as simple as...


I bind you and stop you
Your body and soul
Your eyes and your mind
Come no more against me
Seek no more to find me
Your eyes and your mind
Your body and soul
Are bound by my will
Now and forever
I bind you and stop you

From you I am free.


In a notebook, you can also incorporate pictures or drawings, and even the act of closing the cover on the book can be powerful and significant to your workings.


There are plenty of other magickal workings, it is all in bringing your mind and will into being. Written Magick can be a useful tool, and can serve as planning for later when you have the ability setup an altar and perform more tangible rituals.


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